The New Zealand Council of Homeopaths (NZCH) is a professional body that advocates for and represents professionally trained and registered homeopaths. Our members are entitled to carry the nomenclature RCHom after their name (meaning Registered Classical Homeopath) and have access to all the benefits of being a member.

Peer Support

Access to mentorship and peer support is provided by dedicated homeopathic mentors and supervisors, as required. Support and assistance is given to members to reconcile any issues that may arise.

Subsidised Supervision

Each registered member qualifies for two 1 hour supervision sessions per year for any matters arising in clinical practice that you need help with. Issues may involve difficult dynamics in the therapeutic relationship, personal triggers, professional boundaries, self doubt, case/time management, money matters, to name a few.


Being part of a proactive, professional and enthusiastic community of homeopaths helps to prevent professional isolation and develops strong networks. The NZCH executive team strongly encourages peer support groups, proving groups and the sharing of information and skills with each other.

News & Research

Our bi-monthly electronic E-News will keep you informed and updated of events both nationally and internationally. This also offers our members the opportunity to develop their professional writing by submitting articles for the readership. Advertising of seminars and courses also  occurs here in this digital cornucopia of all things homeopathic.

Conference & Education

Discounted rates to attend our bi-annual conference which facilitates continuing professional develop-ment as well as the opportunity to meet your colleagues from all over New Zealand,  Australia and beyond.

We offer regular free zoom teaching and discussion sessions, national and international webinars, monthly pod groups meet online to exchange clinical expertise and provide support. We also offer an annual pod retreat.


Enhanced visibility to the public looking for homeopathic services through our website. Each member has their own page within the ‘Find a Homeopath’ search tool with the ability to be directly accessed through the website. The ability to showcase their practice through their bio with direct links to their own websites if they have one is well regarded by our members.


The ability to make a difference. The NZCH welcomes new members and encourages becoming part of the executive team. With many sub-committees in operation to benefit our members, we are always grateful and welcoming of those wanting to add their experience and knowledge to our profession.

Homeopathy Students

In addition, student homeopaths may become members through their period of professional clinical training and this streamlines them into full membership and all its benefits upon completion.


We also accommodate an Intern membership program for those homeopaths who are transitioning through our requirements for full registration. These are still professionally trained homeopaths but their qualifications may have been gained overseas and for those members, we offer a period of close support and mentorship to enable them to develop a successful practice in New Zealand.

For non-registered practitioners wishing to enquire about the NZCH registration process