E-News - October 2017

Posted by NZCH on 14/10/2017

Editorial by Esther Ritmeester

Welcome to this Spring edition of E-News. I sure hope you’ve come through this winter unscathed, and that you are full of renewed energy and ready to embrace the promise of warmer seasons and abundance. I know I can’t wait for warm and dry weather as it seems I’ve been trying to prevent my damp-clad self from getting stuck in the mud each day on the farm for weeks now. Homeopathic remedies are always my ever-trusted friends in this busy farm season, and we’ve used in particular a lot of Rhus tox (for obvious reasons), Strep uberis (for environmental mastitis due to muddy conditions) as well as the usual favourites of Arnica/Bellis (deliveries) Ignatia (separation of calves from cows) and Aconite (fear and fright in calves and also in the cows new to the milking procedure). I could not imagine farming without my kit!

Our calves have now all been born and the oldest ones are already enjoying the green grass and wide open pastures. And that signals that my days are getting a bit easier again.

I would have loved to attend Conference in Dunedin but the busy time on the farm prevented that, and I am quite envious of those who did as it sounds like you all had a fabulous time. In this issue you will find articles by Hannelore Kemme, Linda Baker and Sally Hurst who have all‘put pen to paper’ to write of their experience at Conference in Dunedin. So if you did miss out on going, here is at least a taste of what it was like.

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