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Posted by NZCH on 01/04/2016

Case-taking Workshop at Government House, Wellington

In the grand ballroom, under the sparkling lights of the chandeliers of Government House on Saturday 19 March, the Wellington Group of Homoeopaths held their third and final successful case-taking workshop for over 20 homeopaths and students from Australia, Auckland, Poverty Bay, Christchurch and Wellington.

Case Taking Workshop 2016

As Patron of NZCH, Her Excellency Lady Janine Mateparae, opened the workshop. In her speech, Her Excellency spoke about her study of homeopathy and its importance for her and her family’s personal life, giving a positive endorsement for homeopathy. Lady Janine then joined us for the day in her ‘private’ capacity to learn more about homeopathy and case taking.

After the formalities Pauline Wilson, a homeopath of 30-plus years experience, presented three cases with an interactive PowerPoint presentation.With each case we all participated in teasing out key words and patterns the clients used to represent their state. In past workshops Pauline stressed the importance of listening, remaining alert to when the client’s language points to their remedy. This again rang true where in all cases presented, the clients revealed their remedies by the choice of their words; with dolphin, a rose and a gas remedy as the similimum.

Pauline then spoke about “Maintaining the Lightness of Being” in our professional capacity as homeopaths, mentioning being ‘present’ for the client, listening well, being free of judgement and prejudice. In our unique art we have the capacity to hold every client’s worldview as valid, and celebrate the interconnectedness among us all. Needing to stay aware of our personal limitations and attitudes; stressing the importance of maintaining boundaries in caring for ourselves as well as the client. Also, knowing when to pass on cases when they do not sit right with us, in the best interests of the client or ourselves; again highlighting the importance of trusting and knowing the best outcome for all.

On finishing on this philosophical note, we then enjoyed the most delicious sit down lunch with Her Excellency in the sunlight filled Conservatory, also giving us the opportunity to relax and socialise with our fellow homeopaths.

After lunch Gwyneth Evans brought her near 30 years of homeopathic wisdom to the lectern. Gwyneth presented a case which questions one’s own attitudes about healing and the ability to treat or not to treat a client based on one’s own belief; asking the client to make their own choice re treatment options. This presentation beautifully dovetailed with Pauline’s previous topic. The second case illustrated a helpful response to remedies on initial consultations. On returning for more homeopathic help seven years later, more in depth understanding uncovered the similimum which has been deeply beneficial. While some indications were there initially (years before) these became more pronounced in the follow up. Persistence and patience reveals the case. Like Pauline, Gwyneth stressed the importance of case taking, listening and observing the client without prejudice, highlighting the importance of the PQRS’s (the peculiar, queer, rare and strange), which help to reveal the central theme of the case and the remedy.

Gwyneth and Pauline’s case-taking examples and thought provoking presentations gave renewed energy to further our healing work as homeopaths and the importance of professional development to maintain high standards of practice for homeopathy in New Zealand. The workshop was also a great opportunity to meet and connect with colleagues from around New Zealand and Australia.