Farewell to Lady Janine Mataparae

Posted by Debbie Hassell on 28/07/2016

Pauline Wilson and myself were very fortunate to be included in a farewell cocktail held at .

Lady Janine Mataparae formally acknowledged and thanked all the organisations that she has been a Patron of during their term at Government House. She spoke kindly of the good work we all do and acknowledged how close to her heart and how grateful she was to have been connected with us all. She has been the Patron of 13 organisations.

With her departure from Government House , her patronage of NZCH also comes to a close. This patronage does not roll over and if we are to be patroned by the next governor General we would have to re-apply.

The evening was warm and friendly and Pauline and I felt privileged to have been invited.

Government House Farewell

Government House Farewell