Potentization - dilution and succussion

Homoeopathic medicines are ultra dilute using a method of dilution called potentization. This involves a dilution process and a succussion process (ie vigorous shaking).

To make a 'C' potency the dilution ratio is 1: 99 (ie 1 drop of substance to 99 drops of water/alcohol). Between each dilution step the medicine is succussed eg 30C means the dilution step followed by succussion is done 30 times.

If a medicine is a '1M' potency, the dilution/succussion step has been completed 1000 times.

The 'X' or 'D' potency is made with a ratio of 1:9 (1 drop of substance and 99 drops of water/alcohol).

The 'LM' or 'Q' potency is diluted by the ratio of 1: 50,000 (ie 1 drop of substance to 50,000 drops of water/alcohol).

You can see from this homeopathic medicines are extremely dilute. Converse to conventional medicine, the more dilute the medicine the greater the potency or strength (because it has been succussed more times).