Potentization - dilution and succussion

Homoeopathic medicines are ultra dilute using a method of dilution called potentization. This involves a dilution process and a succussion process (ie vigorous shaking).

To make a 'C' potency the dilution ratio is 1: 99 (ie 1 drop of substance to 99 drops of water/alcohol). Between each dilution step the medicine is succussed eg 30C means the dilution step followed by succussion is done 30 times.

If a medicine is a '1M' potency, the dilution/succussion step has been completed 1000 times.

The 'X' or 'D' potency is made with a ratio of 1:9 (1 drop of substance and 99 drops of water/alcohol).

The 'LM' or 'Q' potency is diluted by the ratio of 1: 50,000 (ie 1 drop of substance to 50,000 drops of water/alcohol).

Homeopathic medicines are extremely dilute. Converse to conventional medicine, the more dilute the medicine the greater the potency or strength (because it has been succussed more times).