About the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths

Formed in January 1999, the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths represents more than 200 qualified, experienced and professional homeopaths throughout New Zealand. It is an amalgamation of three former registers: the registers of the New Zealand Homoeopathic Society, the New Zealand Institute of Classical Homeopathy and the New Zealand Accreditation Board of Natural Therapies. The Council's formation was a milestone for homeopathy in New Zealand as it unified all the practitioners, both physicians and trained professionals, under one banner.

Mission Statement

"The Council aims to promote homeopathy as 'everybody's choice' through education, professionalism and accessibility, and strives to develop and maintain high standards for the practice of homeopathy in New Zealand."

The Council aims to uphold the values of integrity and professionalism through;

  • The provision of quality care;
  • Accountable conduct;
  • Respect for patients, colleagues and other health professionals;
  • A commitment to continuing professional development;
  • Education of public through media and awareness campaigns;
  • Promotion of research into all aspects of homeopathy.

Membership Criteria

In order to be listed on this register, homeopaths must meet specified criteria for admission, practice to the standards required by the Council and abide by the Council's Code of Ethics and Rules of Practice. As with any professional organisation, there is a Complaints Procedure (see forms below) to deal with grievances against a member of the register.

The Council is invaluable to both qualified homeopaths and to prospective clients. For qualified homeopaths, the Council provides everything from access to indemnity insurance and legal advice to peer support, newsletters, networking opportunities and professional case supervision, while prospective clients can contact any of the Council's members with the confidence that they are dealing with a suitably qualified and experienced professional.

The Council is run by a national executive and employs a secretary.